The Key to Health

Tiens Products Can Transform Your Life

The rapid pace of modern life takes its toll on both body and mind in many ways. Many people still do not know how to cope with the pressure and stress they face daily at work.

You will find that inadequate diet and lack of exercise are not uncommon. The amount of stress from modern and hectic lifestyle for most people is reaching a high proportion. As a result, our body is usually physically out of balance. When being treated by doctors, we often do not seek the root of the problem but only address the symptoms using using, in most cases, medications with myriad negative side effects. 

The Chinese Approach to Health

In the East, the Chinese have been applying a holistic approach to maintain a healthy lifestyle for over 5000 years. In other words, Chinese tent to look for the root cause of the problem and seek to create a state of health where illnesses and poor health conditions are less likely to occur. 

In general, Chinese have followed the old adage that “Prevention is better than cure”. For years, the Chinese have known that the secret to health and longevity is all in the Tiens’s Four Steps to Well Being: Cleansing, Replenishing, Strengthening, and Balancing.

Tiens is at the forefront of sharing this innate understanding of wellness with the rest of the world. 

The Very Latest in Technology

Along the way of progressing in the healthcare industry, Tiens has always believe in using the best products together with the most advanced technologies. As such, you can be sure that our products can help you and your family to maintain a healthy body. 

Tiens products has received recognition from various professionals worldwide and every aspect of production is subject to the most stringent inspection procedures. 

Tiens’s quality control is equipped with the latest tools of analysis, such as atomic-absorbers, high efficiency chromatography, infrared spectrometers and atomic flurometers. The state-of-the-art facilities ensure consistent quality. Tiens has also been awarded with ISO9002 Quality Accreditation in China. 

An Introduction to Chinese Herbal Nutrition

The Chinese have long known that herbs can be utilized to provide good health and make people live a good life. The knowledge of herbs was compiled around 2000 years ago in the Huang-Ti Nei Ching (The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine). Even now, this book and its knowledge resonate with significance in both Eastern, and increasingly Western Medical Circles. 

Indeed, the most famous statement from the books says, “Eliminate the Disease when it has yet to show marked symptoms” – this is the basis on which Chinese Medicine is founded. The following quote from Zhu Ming, a translator of the Huang-Ti Nei Ching who has highlighted the growing importance of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Western society: “With rapid expansion of China’s policy of openness, cultural exchange between the West and the East being greatly stimulated, Traditional Chinese Medicine is attracting more and more interest”. 

Nowadays, highly advanced Western Medicine is facing a kind of great Green Revolution that aims at producing more natural drugs and medicinal techniques without noxious side effects. Hence, it is inevitable that ancient East Asian medical understanding will combine with modern Western medical knowledge to form a glorious whole, which our contemporaries and generations to come will appreciate as a great contribution to the cause of human health. 

All Chinese nutrition and medicine are based on two concerns: 

  1. The body is comprise of a series of systems that are inextricably linked. If any system is facing an imbalance, it affects the others too. 
  2. The key to good health and well-being is balancing these systems.

As a result of illness, our body is usually physically out of balance. When treated by doctors, we often do not seek the root of the problem.

Solid Organs (Zang) and Hollow Organs (Fu) represents the body system as a whole. The Solid Organs are the liver, the heart, the spleen, the lungs and the kidneys. These are the reservoirs for storing energy. 

The Hollow Organs are the gall bladder, the small intestines, the stomach, the large intestine, the balance and “Sunjiao”.

Each of these organs works in pairs, the heart and the small intestine; the liver and the gall bladder; the lungs and the large intestine; the spleen and the stomach; the kidneys and the bladder.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is based around ensuring the flow of Qi, Blood, Body Fluid and Nutrients via the body to these key organs. Any obstruction leads to illness and at this point, herbal medicines are prescribed to clear the blockage and restore the system to balance.

And this is where Tiens four steps to wellbeing will improve your life by helping to keep your body in balance and free of the toxins and waste products that so readily build up in our systems due to the rigors of modern life.  

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