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FOS Syrup

FOS syrup Health Benefits

  • It helps to strengthens the immune system;
  • It improves calcium and magnesium absorption;
  • It’s very effective in lowering cholesterol;
  • Promotes radiant healthy skin

Recommended use

  • For digestive problems
  • For malnutrition
  • For those looking to lose weight
  • If you experience weakness and feeling tired, this product is for you


  • Can be used as a healthy sweetener to any beverage or added to cereals, fresh fruit, yoghurt or fruit juice.
  • One to two sachets a day (10ml each) for adults.

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FOS Syrup is made of Fructo oligosaccharides, a type of naturally occurring carbohydrate found in very low concentration levels in natural foods like beets, Jerusalem artichokes, chicory, bananas. FOS is beneficial to health because when consumed daily, it promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract. These bacteria, in turn, maintain intestinal health and fight off disease causing bacteria such as E. coli, Clostridium, and salmonella. FOS has the same sweet taste and texture of commonly used sugar with sweetening ability around half that of sugar but has only around 10 per cent of calories.

FOS has been used in Japan as a dietary supplement for many years. It’s now gaining popularity in the West of recent.

FOS from FOS syrup is a super nutrient which does more than rebuilding intestinal flora. It helps in stimulating the production of short-chain fatty acids, particularly butyrate, the ‘fuel’ of the colon. By increasing butyrate levels from intestinal fermentation, FOS helps maintain a healthy intestinal mucous membrane. This also has a tendency to reduce the colon’s pH, which is linked to the production of short chain fatty acids. This decrease in pH helps maintain the colon in a healthy state.

Apart from being a food for bacteria, since it is not digestible, FOS is also a soluble fiber that draws water into the colon and prevents constipation. Improving the health of the friendly bacteria also improves our digestive health that also promotes regularity.

Note: Due to the normal adjustment process this product may initially cause discomfort in the abdomen. The body returns to normal after regular consumption of the product when the intestine is cleansed and becomes healthier and refreshed.

Good health begins in the colon. This is because we are dependent on our intestine as a primary organ for assimilating nutrients and eliminating toxins. According to research, up to 90% of all toxins that enter the body do so through the intestines, particularly the colon. What determines whether your colon is promoting good health or creating conditions that can cause health problems is bacteria.

Bacteria can be either good or bad and the colon is a major repository of both. Bad bacteria encourages disease states. Good bacteria also called beneficial bacteria are the foundation of a healthy digestive system. Since 80% of our immune system is in our digestive tract, it’s easy to understand why a healthy digestive system is “the root of good health.”

Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) are low-calorie, non-digestible carbohydrates that can improve food taste and texture while aiding immunity, bone health and the growth and balance of important bacteria in the digestive track.

Fructooligosaccharides are naturally found in chicory, onions, asparagus, wheat, tomatoes and other fruits, vegetables and grains. FO S provides approximately 30-50% of the sweetness of regular sugar, it can be used to enhance flavour and lower the amount of sugar in a food product.

In addition FOS are considered prebiotics. After they are consumed, fructooligosaccharides move to the large intestine to stimulate the production of microbiota in the colon and gastrointestinal track. Microbiotas are “friendly, beneficial” bacteria. Microbiotas produce essential nutrients such as short chain fatty acids, control epithelial cell growth, prevent overgrowth of infectious organisms, boost intestinal immunity and prevent inflammation, diarrhoea and other intestinal conditions. This “essential ecosystem” provides an important “balance between health and disease” and an increase calcium and magnesium absorption in the body.

Ingredients: Fructooligosaccharides

Contents: 6 bags x 10 ml


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