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Fizzy Triple Magnesium with Basil Extract

Health Benefits

This product is a powerful regulator of magnesium levels in the body

It’s very effective in relieving fatigue symptoms, invigorating and improving mood,

It is useful in improving concentration and memory, hence can be used to correct or prevent memory loss,

It has a positive effect on the nervous system,

Very effective in regulating blood pressure,

It can be used to alleviate the symptoms of magnesium deficiency such as calf muscle cramps, eye twitch, palpitation,

It has a positive effect on metabolism,

It can be used to strengthen teeth and bones.

How to use

1 tablet daily, dissolved in a nearly full glass of water.

Recommended Usage

  • This product is particularly recommended for people under a lot of stress,
  • Those who drink a lot of coffee, tea and beverages containing caffeine,
  • People suffering from painful calf muscle cramps, eye twitch caused by magnesium deficiencies.

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We cannot overestimate the role of magnesium our body. This trace element is even called the ’king of life’ and ’element of life’. This is because it catalyses many processes in the body and affects cell regeneration. It is the chief element responsible for the proper function of the nerves and muscles, especially for the communication between them through nerve impulses. Magnesium has properties that restores physiological harmony. It effective in regulating the calcium balance, an internal and external body antiseptic.

As we age, the requirement for magnesium changes. Magnesium deficiencies can result from stress, excessive intake of alcohol, too much consumption of coffee and other beverage rich in caffeine. It can also result from intake of a high-fat diet.

Symptoms of magnesium deficiency include cramps of the calf muscles, eyelid twitch, insomnia, low mood, low concentration, dizziness and morning headaches, fatigue even after many hours of sleep, caries, hair loss, brittle nails, breathing difficulties and general asthenia.

Magnesium deficiency can be regulated by consuming foods containing large amounts of this element. Examples of such foods include cocoa, chocolate, almonds, Brazilian nuts, walnuts, soya, whole-wheat flour, corn, rice. However, in most cases supplementation is necessary, hence the need for a product like Tiens Fizzy Tripple Magnesium.

TIENS has developed Fizzy Tripple Magnesium to supplement and regulate magnesium levels in the body. It contains magnesium combined with herbal extracts from sweet basil and beetroot. Magnesium present in this product comes in a form that the body can easily absorb, i.e. magnesium carbonate, magnesium oxide. This product also contain basil extract, one of the richest natural sources of this element.

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