Chitosan is made in accordance with the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and it is intended primarily to support the proper functioning of the immune system. It is an amazing fat absorbing dietary fiber. It is an all natural product derived from the shells of shrimp, red footed crabs and other shellfish. It has the unique ability to attach itself to fats in the stomach before they are metabolized, trapping the fat thereby preventing their absorption into the digestive tract. Rather than being absorbed, the fat is eliminated from the body.

It is effective in neutralizing fat, sparing the body from having to deal with the fat. Studies have shown that chitosan helped reduce the bad cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood while increasing the good HDL. This dietary fiber is a valuable addition to properly balanced weight management program. Chitosan also provides important cleansing attributes, which aids in the digestive process and promotes digestive tract health.

Chitosan has been used for over two decades without side effects. However, persons who are allergic to or have experienced allergic reactions to shellfish should not take chitosan.

According to government report on weight control, being overweight increases your chances of developing heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoarthritis, gout and certain cancers. If you are overweight, losing as much as 5 to 10 percent of your body weight may reduce many of the problems linked to being overweight. Chitosan is also known to help in the reduction of heavy metals from the body.

Once activated in the stomach, chitosan binds with some fatty acids and carries them through the digestive system without being absorbed. This helps reduce the amount of calories digested by the body. Some studies have shown that chitosan can attract and hold 6 times its weight in fat for safe elimination, with proper use as a dietary supplement, diet and exercise. Chitosan works with your  body and can be effective in helping to eliminate excess fat from your diet, supporting healthy weight loss and maintaining healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Main Health Benefits

Chitosan is extracted from shells of crabs and shrimps. These Chitosan capsules are treated to become more edible than natural Chitin. Each capsule contains 85% Chitin, which has a structure similar to cellulose. It binds itself to fat in the digestive tract, it’s able to absorb fat and sugar and contains special food fabrics carrying negative ions, which can be attached with the chlorine in excessive salt. It is multi-functional.

The effective ingredient of Tiens Chitosan capsule is chitosan and every capsule contains no less than 144mg. It an anti ageing product that acts at the cellular level of the human body, repairing and reinvigorating the system by:

  • Chitosan inhibits toxins produced by cancer cells;
  • Chitosan vitalizes the activities of lymphocytes NK and LAK that kill cancer cells. Lymphocytes function better at a pH 7.4 and Chitosan has the ability to adjust pH of its environment by approximately 0.5 which creates an unsuitable condition for cancer cells to thrive;
  • Chitosan inhibits the transfer of cancer cells by binding the causal agents on the endothelial surface and thus prevent metastasis of cancer cells;
  • Chitosan is also a super detoxifier;
  • It helps kill harmful bacteria or parasites in the body;
  • It helps improve the accumulation and ability of ‘good’ bacteria to counter ‘bad’ bacteria in organs;
  • It Relieves constipation by helping to produce bulky soft bowel movements;
  • It is helpful in balancing the levels of fat and cholesterol in the body;
  • It helps reduce the damaging effects of radiation in the cells and tissues;
  • It helps lower blood sugar levels and is useful for treating and preventing diabetes mellitus;
  • It helps flush out metallic poison and pollutants in the body, a powerful cleanser;
  • It prevents metastasis (doesn’t allow cancer cells to be transfer to other cells);
  • It combats high blood pressure naturally;
  • It prevents prostate gland infection/prostate cancer;
  • It promotes fast healing of wounds, burns and scars;
  • It helps prevent and treat arthritis, back pain and lumbago.

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