About Tiens

The Tiens Group is a multinational Group of Enterprises. Its operations covers several fields including biotechnology, health management, hotel and tourism, education and training, e-commerce, international trade, financial investment, and the integration of industrial, commercial, and financial capital.

Tiens Vision

To be the vanguard of the global direct selling industry.

Tiens Mission

Provide global consumers with quality products and opportunities of education and cause, improve their life quality, and build a harmonious international society.

The Company Profile

The Tiens Group was founded in 1995 by Mr. Li Jinyuan in Tianjin, China. It is a diverse, multinational organisation with interests in many sectors including biotechnology, education, retail, tourism, finance, international trade and e-business. TIENS entered the international market in 1997 and now has a presence in over 190 countries around the world. It has established divisions in 110 countries and has 50,000 franchised stores globally.

TIENS has also formed strategic alliances with many global brands such as Pfizer, IBM and Microsoft. Through production and distribution of nutrition and wellness products, beauty and skincare products and household products, the Tiens Group has become the lifestyle choice of over 30 million families worldwide. Tiens Group cares about its social responsibilities – over the years it has donated more than £150 million to charity and public welfare projects across the globe.

The Tiens Group has an unbeatable international team in terms of research, innovation and professionalism, all committed helping the company realise its strategic

Balance your lifestyle with TIENS - A message from the President

Mr Li, Chairman of Tiens Group

I started producing food supplements 19 years ago to help my family and home town in China. Since then, with the help of many people, I have been able to reach over 30 million households in more than 190 countries worldwide. I am extremely proud and excited that the TIENS experience is extended to families in Europe.

The products that your independent TIENS distributor recommends have been developed from an understanding of traditional Chinese wellness that has been passed down by my countrymen and their forefathers over 5000 years. Our products work most effectively when taken as part of a healthy, balanced diet.

They are designed to help restore the harmonious balance of the body and, once you have tried them, maybe you too will wish to become a TIENS Distributor.

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