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If you want to avoid things like common cold, flu, and all types of bacterial, fungal and viral invasions and stay healthy, the best way to achieve this is to boost your immune system. So in this article, I’m going to give you seven tips on how to boost your immune system naturally.

We all want to live a healthy and happy lives and a sure way to do this is to maximize our immunity. Now you can find all kinds of very expensive vitamins and supplements online and in health stores. And many of them do have benefits and many work as claimed; however, you do not have to spend a lot of money in order to boost your immune system. In fact, if you just look in your refrigerator or in your pantry, you very likely will find that you already have ways that you can boost your immune system naturally.

So let’s get started with ways you can boost your immune system naturally.

Drink lemon water

A glass of lemon water

First thing in the morning grab a big glass of water and squeeze a lemon into it. Lemons and other citrus fruits such as grapefruit, tangerine, limes are excellent sources of vitamin C. Vitamin C is an excellent booster of the immune system. It builds the immune system by increasing your body’s production of white blood cells.

White blood cells act like your body’s soldiers. They are a line of defense prepared to fight infectious invasions. White blood cells are also key in the production of antibodies, which also help to boost your immune system.
Vitamin C is also known to decrease the duration of respiratory illnesses.

So if you do get sick, if you get a common cold or a viral illness that affects your breathing, vitamin C will help you to recover in a shorter period of time. Vitamin C also has antioxidants which help to get rid of free radicals and to decrease inflammation. Vitamin C is also good for digestion.

Eat garlic

A clove of garlic

The notorious odor of garlic makes a lot of people to avoid it but garlic is an excellent booster of the immune system because it contains allicin. Allicin is a compound that that gives garlic its pungent odor. It is an oily substance that comes from crushing/chopping garlic. It has a really wonderful properties because it increases the response of your white blood cells and it also has anti microbial or anti infection qualities.

One clove of garlic contains five milligrams of calcium and 12 milligrams of potassium. Garlic can also lower blood pressure. To have the best result, it is best eaten raw or cooked as little as possible because excess heat tends to denature or inactivate the enzymes that actually help with the immune system.

Take Broccoli


Eating broccoli is another way to boost your immune system naturally. In addition to being a rich source of vitamin C, it also contains vitamin A, which helps with the production of white blood cells specifically in fighting viruses. It also contains Vitamin E, which is an antioxidant that helps to get rid of free radicals and decreases inflammation.

Broccoli also contains beta carotene, which is another antioxidant. Beta carotene is actually good for the eyes and good for the skin. Note that the skin is also another major part of your immune system.

Eat Spinach

Consuming spinach is another excellent way to boost your immune system naturally. Not only does it contain vitamin C, it also contains beta carotene, calcium, magnesium and potassium. Spinach contains iron and folate, so it has all kinds of ways to boost your immune system and to decrease inflammation.

Spinach should be cooked as little as possible or not at all in order to get the maximum benefits.

Include Ginger in your meal

A bunch of ginger

Ginger is a flowering plant, which is closely related to tumeric. It has been known to decrease nausea and vomiting and it contains a bioactive compound called gingerol. Gingerol is closely related to capsaicin, which is a component of chili pepper and gives chili pepper its spiciness.

Ginger has antioxidant properties which decrease inflammation and it has anti microbial properties as well and several other medicinal properties.

Red Bell Peppers

Bell pepper

Little known fact, red bell peppers actually have twice as much vitamin C as many of the citrus fruits. It is a rich source of antioxidants, beta carotene which is great for healthy skin. So including red peppers in your diets is another way to boost your immune system naturally.

Have Adequate Sleep

A woman sleeping

Getting rest is another important way to rejuvenate and boost your immune system. When you are sleep deprived, you tend to have a surge or an increase in stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. When these stress hormones are on the rise, they tend to decrease the effectiveness of your immune system.

Sleep deprivation also decreases the amount of white blood cells you produce. It decreases the amount of protective cytokines. It decreases the amount of lymphocytes which are very important for fighting infection.

So overall, you must get proper rest in order to boost your immune system. Most people should be getting about seven to nine hours of good quality sleep per night. So in order to boost your immune system, don’t deprive yourself of good sleep. And if you have been suffering from insomnia (sleeplessness) we have products that can help. Check out our catalog of products effective for managing sleep disorders.

Drink immune boosting juices

Immune boosting juice

Another way to boost your immune system naturally, is to drink immune boosting juices and you can make your own juices right at home. You can use ingredients such as citrus fruits, apples (another good immune booster), spinach, carrots, lemons, ginger, etc. You can mix and make your own recipes using the foods that help to boost your immune system.

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